Milk Butler

Baby milk in just 8s

  • Suitable for all milk powders
  • Temperatur ist individuell einstellbar von 26 -44°C
  • Bottle content adjustable from 30 - 240ml
Time Saver

You can enjoy more time with your baby

One-Touch Milk Maker

Just push a button and your baby milk is ready

Instant heating

Instant heating technology ensures optimal water quality

Easy Clean

  • All items are easy to wash
  • Automatic cleaning function
  • Safest materials for your baby - BPA free
Auto-Clean function

Automatic water channel cleaning at the push of a button


Easy cleaning of the water tank possible

App Function

App available for Android and iOS


Time saver - parents need this!!

We've been using our dear Milk Butler for a few weeks now and we're just thrilled - I couldn't imagine it without it, and especially not my husband.The app is super easy to register and the operation is self-explanatory.It is simply important that you clean it regularly – as is the case with machines.Especially at night when I just have to get up and push a button and the milk is ready - just awesome.


28 Years

I can only recommend

If someone feeds their baby with milk powder, then the Milk Butler is really a must. It's definitely not cheap, but it's definitely worth the money. At the latest when you get up in the night and in a few seconds the bottle is ready you don't want to give it away anymore. And when the little one is hungry and impatient, I can hold him with one arm and press the button with the other hand and the bottle is ready, mega!


41 Years

Absolutely worth the money!

I've never written a review but I'll take the time for the Milk Butler.In general, I've read some bad reviews from other devices, but the Milk Butler is just great - the app works great - operation is more than easy. The cleaning is a bit time-consuming because you have to disassemble all the parts and dry them well so that the powder doesn't stick together. But it's totally worth the effort and will eventually become routine!


36 Years

I can't live without

It was really a lifesaver for us - we have twins and we feed them powdered milk and initially this was very time you can imagine. After 6 weeks I decided to buy such a device - although my wife was against it. After initial concerns from both of us, we can no longer imagine life without him - we even took him on vacation! Just press a button and it works - baby milk is ready in a few seconds at the right temperature and quantity. It is important that you set the correct milk powder - unfortunately ours was not available on the app - after a short e-mail to Luna Moon with the milk powder brand, it was activated within 24 hours - great service.


36 Years


We won't give up our butler anymore. We've had it for a good 8 weeks now and it works perfectly.In the meantime we have already bought a second one for our parents because they regularly look after the children. Happy all round with our butlers ;)


33 Years

Download App

Thanks to the cooperation with Burabi you can download the app for your Milk Butler here.Available in the App and Android Store.


Does the device really work?

Does the device really work?

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