Happy Dad thanks to Milkbutler

After the birth of my daughter I was just overwhelmed. The feelings that you develop from the first glance are more intense than almost any other moment in life. All the more I want to take care of my daughter and support her in everyday life. When breastfeeding was no longer an option for my wife because it just didn't work out right and was extremely stressful, we fed our daughter with milk powder. Now I could do my part to feed our daughter. These moments are somehow special and intense. You can tell how happy and content they are while drinking. Nevertheless, it just stressed me out the moment the little one started crying or was dissatisfied with preparing a bottle. Mixing 2 different water bottles (hot and cold), adding the right amount of powder, not shaking too much so it doesn't generate too many oxygen bubbles, letting the tap cool down or heat up when the temperature isn't right.. All this was for a stressful moment for me - for me and for my daughter. I am all the more overjoyed that I came across the Milkbutler. A colleague told me that there is such a machine that does all this automatically and with the push of a button finishes the bottle for the baby. For me that sounds too good to be true... I ordered the device and we now use the device day and night and don't want to be without it anymore! It's just awesome, everything ready to drink within seconds :) Thanks to the LunaMoon team for the vision to bring such a machine to the market. I will definitely recommend you to my circle of friends. The investment in the stress-free feeding of our baby has saved us so much nerves, we are just happy! THANKS !

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