Does the device really work?

I am writing this blog to take away your concerns about the milk butler/ baby milk bottle maker. For many parents, the baby milk bottle maker is a completely new world and you also read negative reports from other manufacturers.

For the Luna Moon family, the well-being of the children comes first and you can believe us 100%. Jeannine and Silvan fed their two children with it - I gave the Milk Butler to my brother for his child - we trust the quality of the Milk Butler 100% and you can do that too.

The most important thing is the mixing ratio for baby milk bottle makers like the Milk Butler. Thanks to the cooperation with a well-known manufacturer in this area, we have managed to make the Milk Butler work for all common milk powders. The Milk Butler/ Baby milk bottle maker sets the mixing ratio - milk powder and water automatically using the app. If a milk powder should still be missing from our database, you can simply contact us directly and we will add it to you within a very short time - simply send the milk powder brand and mixing ratio by e-mail to

We also put the Milk Butler through its paces in lengthy test phases or, in this case, rather for the right mixing ratio/temperature and amount of water. In the beginning, the butler certainly didn't always want to go the way we imagined, but now we have an exemplary butler on the market - nobody mixes better and safer than our Milk Butler ;)

With the Milk Butler/milk bottle maker, we provide you as parents with an ingenious helper in everyday life with your little ones if you cannot breastfeed. The amount of time parents spend in everyday life is extreme when they are unable to breastfeed. With the Milk Butler you save 30 minutes and more per day. We want to give you back valuable time for you and your family.

I still use the Milk Butler regularly when I look after Jeannine and Silvan's child and I'm still thrilled. What is important, of course, is that you comply with the cleaning regulations, but I think that goes without saying for all parents. You will see that cleaning is super easy.

I can understand if parents who can't breastfeed have concerns about such a baby milk bottle maker - but believe me, our Milk Butler will very quickly become a family member that you won't want to be without.

If you ever have any hints or suggestions about the Milk Butler, you can also write to me directly -

I would be delighted to welcome the Milk Butler into your family.

Greetings Thomas

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